Just Change ......... A grassroots response to the global economy that has left the vast majority of people powerless, with little or no control over the factors that influence their lives.

Just Change UK

Just Change UK was launched more or less simultaneously with India. Though our initial attempts to link directly with disadvantaged communities in the UK did not prove very successful, we managed to attract a number of other partners like the Northern

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Just Change Germany

Just Change Germany has its roots in a very longstanding relationship with the AMS and the adivasis of Gudalur. The Adivasi Tee Projekt (ATP) was set up in 1996 to support the adivasis to repay the loan they had taken to buy the Madhuvana Tea Plantation.

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Just Change Inida

Just Change is a community led initiative that seeks to regain power in markets by directly linking porducers, consumers and investors in a network that is mutually beneficial. Started in India by the adivasis of the Gudalur of Tamilnadu in response to crash in tea prices,

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Just Change India


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