Local Economy Research

A comprehensive analysis on the status of the local economy including the production and marketing systems, potential for expansion/ development of production, income-expenditure patterns, savings and investment patterns, governance systems.

  • Adivasis in Gudalur valley, the Nilgiris    Click here
  • Rural community in Nilambur, Kerala    Click here
  • Rural community in Poovatuparamba, Kozhikode, Kerala   Click here

This research is done by the community members themselves.

Commodity Research

A comprehensive database on commodities, prices, markets, production methods, and prospects for value addition. This includes gathering information on commodities of relevance to our communities and keeping a regular tab on the movement of markets and prices (local, national and international) for these commodities. It also includes interacting and developing relationships with regional or national R&D institutions to help develop value added products or technology that improves efficiency of production and quality of products. This research has resulted in our Commodity Research Series.

  • Rice  >>Click Here
  • Tea   >>Click Here
  • Coconut Oil   >>Click Here
Articles, Papers & Lectures


  • New Economic Foundation’s Alternative Mansion House Speech by Stan Thekaekara
  • People First – Justice in a Global Economy : FEASTA Annual Lecture by Stan Thekaekara
  • Women and Just Change by Shikha Bhattacharjee


 Subject  Published by  Author
Globalisation – Who benefits? Feasta Annual Review Stan Thekaekara
Humanising Globalisation Feasta Annual Review Stan Thekaekara
Social Entrepreneurship – Complimentary or Contradictory Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Stan Thekaekara and Mari Marcel Thekaekara


Subject Published by Author
Fair Trade and Nestle New Internationalist Stan Thekaekara
A better brew – Just Change Marsh Farm Guardian, UK John Vidal
Humpty Dumpty – When the wall came down Unpublished Stan Thekaekara
The Dream Scheme The New Internationalist Mari Marcel Thekaekara
Linking Hands Guardian, UK Stan Thekaekara
All over India, the tea industry is keeling over Guardian, UK Mari Marcel Thekaekara
Poor Relations Guardian, UK Mari Marcel Thekaekara
Interview with Stan Thekaekara Dialogues, proposals and stories for Global citizenship Rajni Bakshi
A Just Cause Outlook Business, India Nandita Datta

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Member Groups

  • Adivasi Munnetra Sangam and ACCORD –
  • Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan, Orissa –

Other Links

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